The Bop Test examines if a song or album is fit for all-ages enjoyment.  A sort of genre-bending, cool cat guide to music – like Common Sense Media but for parental sanity. Completely unsophisticated, subjective and sure to ruffle the feathers of all music snobs, getting to the heart of what great music is all about. 

The test is a rigorous measurement based on our five monster criteria:


How much color does it bring to the world? This includes diversity and inclusion of both artist and instrumentation, as much as the visual look of the album, live shows, videos etc.


Are the lyrics and message universal and/or both adult and kid friendly? Is it an interesting topic with conversation starters? 


Bleeps, bloops, and weirdness of all varieties. Does the music have unexpected flair and je ne sais quoi? 


The ear worm test. Is there strong melody, repetition and hooks? Is it easy to sing and gets stuck in your head? 


Perhaps the most important factor of all. Is it fun? Does it move your body and soul? Will you loathe or love yourself if you were caught dancing to it? 

Our mission is noble, the journey long and enemies lurk around every corner. When you’re up against poop jokes, garbage trucks and princesses, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Will great music prevail?

Tune in to find out…