Listening to BIP BOP BOOM may result in your kids demanding a drum kit or bass guitar for their birthday. They may learn some annoyingly impressive facts about those music icons on their t-shirts. Your kitchen may host messy, spontaneous raves on the regular. Your carpool karaoke game may get so strong other people don’t want to ride with you. And best of all, your kids will never thank you… at least not for many, many years until they come back from Uni to steal your record collection. We call it glitter without the mess. The colourful music and inspirational artists will find their way into the nooks and crannies of your life in ways you never imagined, and will surprise you for years to come. That’s pretty much all we can promise. Ready to join the musical revolt? Good. Let’s go.



Welcome to pirate radio for parents. The counter-culture lullaby underground on a mission to fill your home with artists and songs that deserve to be known for generations to come. A world where you don’t have to race like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce to turn off your playlist because the next song ain’t so kid-friendly.

And no Elsa, EVER.

At its core, our show is an all-ages music discovery and education show for music lovers and cool cats with kids. We host a bitesize daily and longer weekly podcast that feature lots of music (full songs!) and a mix of education, interviews and entertainment. We are powered by strong community and membership, and rely on member support to make the show.  

So it’s a kids thing?

It’s for music lovers and people with kids. Mostly parents, but also other concerned citizens who can’t take the pain of withering into Disney despair or simply like music curation without the snobbery. If you use terms like DD and DH, we’re probably not for you. There are many, MANY, kid music stations out there for you.

If it takes a village, think of us like the best pub in town.

Where can I hear your show?

Exclusively on Spotify. It’s the only platform where playing complete songs in podcasts is legal for creators (full tracks for paid accounts, 30 seconds for free accounts – that part is out of our control). Spotify is available on browsers, desktop, laptop, mobile (iPhone and Android), smart speakers (SONOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod) – we actually can’t think of a device that it isn’t on. It’s available in most countries, though not all. Until we get our own actual radio show, it’s our home sweet home.

What you won’t hear.

No swearing here beyond the odd damn and h-e double hockey sticks. No phrases that can hurt things with feelings (people). No overt themes of illegal drugs, sex, misogyny, violence, bigotry and death. There will be some joints, highs, that sort of thing….we want to play as much hip hop, dance and 70s jams as possible and these words have other definitions well suited for parental explaining if required. This isn’t about censorship, we’re definitely not Tipper Gore (Google it). It’s about celebrating art and parental joy. Ya dig?

Is this subjective? Absolutely. Real human curation at play. And guess what – We’re gonna mess up sometimes. Sorry in advance. Don’t get mad. Get in touch and help a cat out! Remember that whole village thing?


Why should I join?

If you’re not a member, you’re only getting a small part of the magic. If you like the show and like what we’re about, we need your support by joining the Bip Bop Boom Empire. We are fully independent and rely on member support to make the show. We’re doing this for the love and it costs a bomb (or rather, boom). Members receive exclusive extra content, products, playlists, quizzes and learning resources for the whole family in addition to helping support musicians, too.

Can I gift a membership?

Yes! Big yes! Membership and merch make brilliant gifts for new parents, seasoned pros, and music-loving families of all ages.

Why do you support MusiCares and Help Musicians?

MusiCares (USA) and Help Musicians (UK) are two of the world’s leading charities that support musicians. Being an artist has always been a hard path, and in recent times it’s become even harder. Music is critically tied to mental health, community and the joy of life and has been an important part of society throughout human evolution. We want to help give back to the source. We need our music, and our music needs us, now more than ever.

Do members actually hunt princesses and sharks?

Um, no. Big no.


Who are you?

We’re your Fairy God DJs. Anglo-American Audiophiles. An award-winning music supervisor and music producer/teacher turned parents raging against the kid music machine.